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Welcome to the AHS Guidance Office Page. 
Office Hours are 8:00am -  4:00pm
We are here to help you!
770.606.5841 ext 4193
770.773.2722 Fax
Counselors generally use the following guidelines when speaking to students. However, if your counselor is not available, any counselor can help you. You can also speak to the support desk as you enter guidance if you need anything. 
Tara O'Dell, Freshman and students with last name beginning with A-GI - Ext. 4154                             
Kellen Cloud, Seniors and students with last name beginning with Go-M - Ext. 4134
Gretchen McCulley, Students with last name beginning with N-Z Ext. 4159

Michelle Jenkins, Social worker for AHS & schools in the Northern part of Bartow County. - Ext . 4173
Amber Benefield, Exceptional Education Students - Ext. 4135
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Types of Classes Offered at AHS

The quality of in-state students along with the HOPE scholarship is making it more competitive to get into some colleges and universities. College admission is based upon several factors, including:

• GPA (Grade Point Average) – Colleges recalculate GPA’s using their own criteria. Each college/university calculates GPA’s slightly different. Not all classes may count and some may count more than others depending on the college.

• AP Advanced Placement – Generally, more weight is given by the college for successful completion of an AP class because of the rigor associated with these courses.

• Honors classes – Colleges generally do not weight these classes; however, they are a better preparation for more advanced classes.

• Non-academic electives – These courses are typically factored out of GPA calculations (PE, etc.).

• Class Ranking – Class ranking along with high school GPA’s are not factored for admission, although the reputation of the high school and prior success of former graduates from that high school is sometimes considered.

• Course Rigor – Difficulty and rigor of classes are considered. Joint Enrollment courses are ranked according to rigor of the institution where the classes are taken. Usually, an Advanced Placement course taught at the high school level is a better preparation and counts more toward rigor.
A= 90-100
B= 80-89
C= 70-79
F= 69 or below